Odoi Yemoh

I currently work as a professional financial consultant who is open to opportunities in financial negotiating, analysis and training. I can help with:

  • International and Corporate Negotiations
  • Taxes and Tax Court Cases
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Mortgage Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Financial Risk Training

Reality Capital Management Inc.

Executive Director (Consultant)

  • Enterprise Tax Risk Management Systems/Platforms analysis
  • Futuristic Development in Advanced Risk Registers
  • Risk Register and Matrix Management Planning and Design
  • Risk Management tax compliance guide for Tax Administrators
  • Development of Risk Data Intelligence Models
  • Matrix Management in line with Customs and legislative frameworks
  • Prepares personal and corporate tax for clients
  • Risk Transformation and Tax Management
  • Corporate Government and Tax Risk Management
  • Advises clients on the potential risks of a project
  • Defines risk appetite for clients
  • Implements strategies to minimise the exposure to any risk
  • Manages client portfolio and provided broad range of accounting and financial services including the evaluation of mergers, takeovers and provided foreign exchange risk management advice.
  • Conducts detailed risk assessments by analysing documents, statistics, reports and market trends
  • Conducts several audits for companies in various industries.
  • Lectures in Financial Strategy, Strategic Risk Management and Taxation to aspiring tax and financial professionals

2009 – Present

Toronto, Canada

Humber College

Professor – Mathematics of Finance

  • Ensuring student awareness of course objectives, approach and evaluation
  • Carrying out regularly scheduled instruction.
  • Tutoring and academic counseling of students.
  • Lecturing in Financial Mathematics and Statistics

2009 – Present

Toronto, Canada

Canada Post

(Purolator Inc)

Senior Financial Manager (Corporate Planning)

  • Conducted financial analysis on profitability enhancement opportunities and strategies, proposes changes to internal processes, and new business strategies
  • Developed and continuously improved the corporate annual budgeting and quarterly forecast process for a $3 Billion-dollar budget
  • Performed on-going review of planning process to evaluate effectiveness and achieve efficiencies, making recommendations for improvements
  • Supported SAP system functionality with planning users and enhancements, as required
  • Developed, improved and facilitated process around Risk and Investment Management
  • Worked with functional finance to enhance the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes and act as advisor and support to functions
  • Provided guidance to senior management as to the alignment of the investment portfolio with the corporate strategy and annual operating

Key Achievement

Evaluated costing structure by analyzing processes and activities involved in operations. Coordinated with unit Managers to understand cost drivers; established regular flash reporting to finance. Results: Gained $5M annually in cost savings due to reduction in discretionary spending.

2011 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

United Parcel Service

(UPS Canada)

Senior FinancE Manager

  • Responsible for Cost Planning processes and developing risk matrix
  • Preparation of management reports and product profitability analysis
  • Performed strategic profitability, cost and revenue analysis
  • Responsible for monthly analysis of actual and plan results for all lines of business
  • Customs Cargo Reporting and Pre-clearance manifest management
  • Prepared and reviewed all monthly GST/ HST, provisional sales tax and tax returns

Key Achievement

Reviewed UPS track rentals cost for top vendors: Ryder, Penske, Budget and National. Results: Gained $0.9M annually due to cost reduction

2006 – 2011

Toronto, Canada

TNT Logistics

Senior FinancE Manager

  • Received and answered telephone calls from TNT customers regarding delivery schedules and quality assurance
  • Ensured timely dispatch of orders pertaining to urgent material distribution to Chrysler Assembly Plant
  • Analyzed and wrote distribution of goods report with the aid of Microsoft excel
  • Controlled inbound and outbound trailers with Yard Management System program

Key Achievement

Analyzed inventory to streamline and reduce working capital. Reduced excessive inventory levels and maintained minimal safety stock; discontinued redundant product lines; maintained communication loop with management. Results: Saved over $3M in working capital

2005 – 2006

Toronto, Canada

TNT Logistics


  • Managed and supervised daily activities of HUB operations
  • Responsible for hiring, training and managing performance of employees as per operational standards and indices
  • Managed a group of 30 unionized employees
  • Managed and tracked budget and actual cost
  • Prepared reports and documentation of unit’s daily operations

2001 – 2005

Toronto, Canada

York University

Teaching Assistant, Mathematics

  • Organized and conducted tutorials for first year mathematics students
  • Marked tests and exam papers

2003 – 2004

Toronto, Canada

Your Financial Health is as important as your physical health.


Awards & Education

MIT Sloan School of Management

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy


Harvard Business School

Negotiations & Competitive Decision Making


Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)


Financial Planning Canada

Certified Financial Planner


York University

Bachelor of Arts, Finance


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